Post​-​grad Sads Demos

by Davey Dynamite

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This demo is a culmination of many feelings that came after the release of my last album/graduation from college and entrance into the “real world”

Sorry that these are so hard to hear. This was recorded on Jake Joyce’s tape player and he’s awesome and he also converted these back to the computer for digital sharin. He is also releasing CDs of this on Brown Bear Records, his DIY label, which I really appreciate.
I have the lyrics below if you are interested.

I don’t know who will like this, and that’s okay with me. After the amount of effort that came into releasing an album that was fully dedicated to friends and family and took over a year to make, this release is a step back towards the reason I started writing songs in the first place. These will most likely get polished and rerecorded at a later time if people like them.

Thank you for listening! And hopefully see you soon



released March 23, 2014




Davey Dynamite Chicago, Illinois

Chicago area punk/folk


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Transitions (THIN HAIR DONT CARE)
I got acne, my hair is thinning, at the same time
and im slowly, learning, that I don’t mind
cuz my body don’t know, whether to stay young or grow old
and at least that means we got something in common

I got a job, as a part time janitor
but im working on getting something more serious
I wanna use my degree, I wanna start paying my debt
I wanna make my parents proud, I wanna make myself proud

i want to be a radical actor
I want to take my life into my own hands
I wont do that by sleeping in, and eating frozen pizza
I wont do that by feeling sorry for myself

I need to kick it into gear
I need to start on those projects ive been putting off
I need to start speaking up against what I know is wrong
I need to lead by example, and write some protest songs

But most of all, what I need, in this time of transition
is to look in the mirror, and say to myself
I got acne, and im balding, at the same time
I got acne and im balding, and I don’t mind
Track Name: Taking things for granted
When I get sad, I start to take things for granted
when I take things for granted, well it makes me sad
so next time, you see me start to take things for granted
here’s what you need to say to me:

Fuck you, you fucking schmuck,
please stop taking things for granted,
this world is shitty and this world is cruel
but think of all the things that you find cool

yeah you, you don’t need to cheer up
just stop taking things for granted
if life seems pointless, let’s make a point to make a point
and stop, taking things for granted
Track Name: 380 times
2012: “CEO pay is 380 times average worker's - AFL-CIO”

Do they know, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
do they think, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
do they work, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
then why the fuck, does he get paid three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
Well I think, they are going too far, I think they are getting away,
with our future, our past, everything that we once had
and I work, and I like it, I haven’t had it bad so far
but my degree, seems to be, worth less than the paper it was printed on

and my friends, and my family, stuck working dead end jobs
what do they do, to deserve it, a minimum wage barely helping at all
this system is not for us, it is rigged it is not hard to see
without workers, what would you have? But the workers are always the ones to bleed

pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, is what they always say
they always forget to tell you, just how those boots get made
they are products of thievery, of telling the poor to be thankful
they are fine with you starving, so long as you’re willing and able

To know, 380 times more than they do
to work, 380 times more than they do
to fight, 380 times more than they do
to make, 380 times less than they do

so I think its time to redefine, just how this wealth is spread
who deserves to benefit, who deserves to be fed
things may be getting worse, but we can still resist
And im no master at economics, but let me tell you this:

you’re worth, more than the sweat off your brow
you’re worth, more than the night shifts allow
your worth, is something that they cant buy
your worth, is only yours to define

Because we are worth more than their dollars
Track Name: Hope is found
waking up tired, waking up feeling like, I am completely worthless
spending days in a cycle, of nothing and nothing at all, feeling hopeless
this house is so quiet, the dog is so bored, I am not helping at all today
sleeping so much, feeling so tired, I think we’ve been through this before

so I head to your house, kiss your lips, and feel whole again
I am in love, I am here, I am whole again

Because hope is found, in the strangest of places, in the curve of your hand, as it holds on to mine for dear life

Yeah hope is found, in the strangest of places, in the curve of your smile, as we hold on for dear life