Some Thoughts

by Davey Dynamite

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A. Starkey The unbridled honesty and genuine heart-pouring that goes into Davey's writing, my god. There are no manipulative false pretenses, here. This music IS the artist.
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released August 29, 2011




Davey Dynamite Chicago, Illinois

Chicago area punk/folk


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Some Thoughts
Well my real name is Dave Anians. And I’m a 20 year old Caucasian member of the middle class.
But I have a heart and I have a soul and I have a brain inside of a skull.
And I’m just like you I swear and I’m trying to be a good person.
And I love my friends and I love my family but my social awkwardness probably pushes them away from me.
But sometimes I’m better and sometimes I’m on top(did ya hear that voice squeak?) of it so hopefully you’ll meet me when I’m like that
And I hate racists and I hate sexists but I’m really too afraid to get into an argument.
But I love people so I can’t really hate them so I got to try my best to reach out to them.
And I love punk rock but I love other music too. But I don’t like some punks but I believe in them, too.
And I don’t trust the government but sometimes kind of do. And I’d tell you I’m a socialist but I haven’t got a clue.
Because I’m just a stupid kid with some thoughts in my head and a low paying job so I can cure my future debts.
And my parents are paying thousands upon thousands so I can go to school.
So I can drink beer with my friends and get stupid tattoos.
But I swear on everything I have and everything I know
that I’m gonna do my best to try and show
that I will make it worth it. (cue broken guitar string…) I will make this worth it.
God I hope I make it worth it.
And I write songs and this is an example, but this one’s kinda lame but I’m proud of the other ones.
So tell me how you like them because I appreciate your thoughts. And I appreciate your willingness to listen to mine.

So Thank you
Track Name: Down and Up
And I go down, and up, and up, and down
When I see you…

And life it seems to be the way it is and it’s not goin anywhere it’s just gonna sit right here.
Like when I sit, here as an old and feeble man, I will be lying near my grave, thinking of my younger days.
And I will sing, to eve, the mother of us all, and I will curse her thieving name for the ever present fall
Like when I fall, to earth after being so damn high. I was flying up in April, shot dead by July.

So cry me a river so I can float away, I will wash up on a beach where I can settle with my brain
To get it all thought out, the way I need to go but there’s just two ways you can go when you are standing on the shore
So I will cry, as well, and drown out the land, til I have no other choice but to swim into your hands
So the rest of the world will be washed out from our tears, leavin only us, leavin no more fears
So I will stick to this road, the only one I know. It will bring me to this place, that I’ve been callin home And the drive might not be long to get there, but there’s a weight to the road, and a pressure to the years.
Track Name: Lack of Sleep
I just wanna get, a little out of it, alittle out of my head just once in a while
And I don’t think im askin’ much
And we’ll say, as the day fades, oh I love you for this moment
And I don’t think that’s asking for much
Cuz tonight, we’ll be flying
Out of our brains into each other’s arms
And tonight, we won’t be hiding
Pretending there’s no need for alarm
And it all looks, so beautiful, shimmering in the light from the tv
The channels we’ve all watched so god damned long
And you all look so beautiful
This night when I’m not lonely
Making all my days so god damned long
‘cuz tonight, we’ll be shooting
From our hips, into each other’s skull

And tonight, we’ll be rooting
For every team’s colors, not their goals.
Oh, but now it’s over, spending the day with our heads down
Thinking about regrets and things gone wrong
And are we really happy? Knowing the moment is over
Fixing all regrets and things gone wrong
‘cuz today, we’ll be leaving
Wondering if things will ever be the same
And today, we’ll be bleeding
Out of our hearts, into each other’s names
And today, I’ll be thinking
All the records burned, all the lessons learned
And today, I’ll be sinking
No one but me to keep me from going under
And now it’s gone, and I feel so lonely
My tired eyes are falling down on me
This darkness holds no hope for tomorrow
Am I dead or is this just lack of sleep?
Track Name: Hail Hail Chuck Berry
Hail hail chuck berry, Hail rock and roll
Hail whatever it is we have, that gives us Soul
And hail hail the rhythm
and hail hail the blues
and hail hail the hero
The livin’ Johnny B Goode

well tonight, as I was standin there
feeling strange and quite aware
of an age that has since passed long ago
But atop the crowd a weary flame
Aged with years of a chanted name
A reminder of something we should all take home
that even if it’s all the same
an exhausted effort of forgotten days
you’re still in it, and you win it, because you know
that age aint just a number
it hits your bones it drains your head
but you don’t stop being alive until the day you’re dead

And I know im just a stupid kid
and I know that age aint hittin me yet
but when it does I hope that I never forget

That even when my time has come
and there’s a 6 feet deep hole they have dug
Even if I lived to be 84
I’ll know, I never grew old

So Hail Hail Chuck Berry
Hail Hail Chuck Berry
Hail Hail Chuck Berry
Hail Rock and Roll
Track Name: Chemicals
Do I stand right here in this rain?
Do I stand here cold and refrain?
Do I, watch this passin train
Go by, and by and by, good bye?

Or do I, jump on to that car
So I, can travel wide and far
No I, I can’t go anywhere
No I, must settle this right here

For me to break this streak this
morning evening downward screaming
Feeling that haze for no reason at all

Oh I, ive been through this before
Oh I, ive tackled this before
Don’t cry, don’t give in to this chore
This lie, this self chemical war

My life, is meaning more and more
My time, has always been adored
But my brain, is telling me to quit
Enough, I’ve had enough of it

My friends, my love, my family
My dreams, my hopes, my need to be free
Oh fog, oh mist, you will never break me
Track Name: Go Baby Go
Dance with me, oh baby let’s use those feet
oh I promise girl, won’t be the end of the world
and I will try my best, and babe I won’t digress
when I am telling you, oh how much I love you

and baby let’s go back, to the railway tracks
and we will watch the trains, break right through the rain
as we look at time, and the way the line
rushes through the mist, like a lover’s kiss
And I will sing this song, as I march along
through life’s changing ways, and its rushing days
and I will try my best, after one last caress
to keep moving on, and always staying strong

so give me this one dance, oh girl that’s all I ask
because time don’t slow, and baby time don’t hold
on to the times like these, oh yeah they’re like a breeze
they keep us cool for a while, and then they’re out of style

So every day that you’re on this earth
oh please oh promise me, that you will always be
that girl I know, the one who never slowed
down to see what the world wanted her to be
Go baby go

So please tell me dear, everything you fear
and I will fight those fights, and girl I’ll make them right
and come on please, tell me what worries thee
so we can work it out, and strangle every doubt.
Track Name: Viva projectile beer cans
Right now, all I can think about. Is let down, over this fucking crowd
The framework, of things that I’ve stood for. The same work, washed out through every score
I guess what they say is right, No one’s crazy anymore

Call me selfish, call me insecure, call me crazy, sometimes you’re right I’m sure
But when your heroes show themselves as pricks, don’t blame me for being idealistic
Just hope in 1979, they weren’t so full of shit

So tell me, why it has to be. That you scream for everything they say
When they just proved that they’ve lost the soul, well I’ll tell you, one thing I know for sure
when they tell me to get addicted, ill spit on the fucking floor

Because when we screamed, Viva! At the top, of our lungs
We meant long live revolution, and long live never giving in
Viva never giving in, viva never giving in

So right now, all I will think about. Is how to, never lose this shout
To never get too proud to get pissed at beers thrown from the crowd
Especially if my theme is to be dressed as a clown

Cuz nothing, makes me more bitter than being shot at by guns of glitter
By a man who, thinks he’s too good, to be brought back to his old neighborhood
When honestly I really wish he would

Because when he screamed , Viva! At the top, of his lungs.
He meant long live revolution, long live never giving in.
-------------------End of song clip is “Who Spilt My Beer?” by The Adicts-----------------
Track Name: Oh My God
Oh my god I’m losing it
oh my god I’m losing my head
all my life I’ve thought it
all my life aint that long

there’s a wishing well, that leads straight to hell. We throw our pennies in, to wash away our sins
there are nickels, there are dimes, there are countless, there are infinite
it continues, to climb, this very mountain, time after time
but man made this mountain, made it immense, he made these pennies, he don’t make sense
to me

oh my god I’m losing it
oh my god I’m losing you
all my life I’ve thought it
all our lives aint that long

there are wishing wells, that lead straight to hell, we throw our saviors in, again and again
we say absolve us, we gave enough, we gave our best friends, we gave our love
we beg forgiveness, we beg for peace, we beg for life eternal, we beg for freedom
we threw our pennies in, we threw our pennies in, into this wishing well, into this wishing well

oh my god I’m losing it
oh my god I’m losing you
all my life I’ve thought it
all our lives are gone

we made pennies, we made nickels, we made dimes, we don’t make sense
to me
Track Name: Legalize Common Sense (With chant from Gong Fest!)
Fuck the man, who tells you how to be a man
and fuck the world, who tells you how to be a girl
and fuck the law, that tells you that it’s wrong
to be whoever you are, to love someone

Because when we grow up, we’re told to love who we can
but god help his soul if he marries a man
and divorce is ok, as long as that’s not gay
there’s room for that in hell and about six states

And that’s the attitude, but no one thinks it’s rude
to shun what’s not straight, sit there and call it lewd.
But please tell me dear, what’s so wrong with being queer?
It doesn’t even affect you, now that’s what’s fucking weird.

So continue to stand, I will continue to shout:
Why all the doubt? There’s nothing wrong about
husband and husband, wife and wife
get your head out your ass, its’ not your fucking life.

Fuck the man, who tells you how to be a man
and fuck the world, who tells you how to be a girl
and fuck the law, that tells you that it’s wrong
to be whoever you are, to love someone.
Track Name: Punx Roxxx (aka the name drop song)
*“Well I felt so bad when I heard that song you know its been such a long long time
well it’s a little off beat and it aint in tune, ya know its just like this heart of mine
and if it hurt, when you left” Well you know you fucking broke my heart.
but I aint ever gonna leave.

So I turn to my clash posters. I ask Joe what to do.
Is this really worth it? How do I stay true?
Is this all lost? Was it really ever found?
He says “why are you asking me? Im six feet underground…
Its your fucking turn”

So I take my stiff little fingers, I play these trusty chords
I scream like no tomorrow like these are my dying words
And there will be uptight people about this stupid song
They’ll say I don’t stick to ideals and I still live with my mom

But punk rock means a million different things to a million different people
But ill tell ya what it means to me, it’s my church, my fucking steeple
my fucking life, my fucking death, wave my black flag to a minor threat
Dillinger 4 to fucking Trio, the ones who taught me how to feel
From The Boys to the Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders making noise
God bless the Saints, gotta love the Hives, the ones that make me feel alive
We’re Descendants of Ramones, born through a Red City Radio
We’re Adicts we’re Adolescents, we’re that Blank Generation
But with an X for the Idol, we’ve got the Throwaway Style
We are waiting for the man . We’re The Riffs, We’re The Damned.

But that’s enough about those bands
I just want to impress you, I want to keep this thing alive
I want to keep all the punks in the alleyway singin:
**“This is my world. This is my world, don’t take it away”

*Lines from “Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades” by The Exploding Hearts
** Lines from “My World” by The Crack
Track Name: Shoe souls
Its kinda funny how some semipopular punk bands
can teach you more about the things you never learned
its kinda funny how a hard traveling folk man
can tell you more about the way the world turns

than every news show could ever tell me, cuz theyre too busy stayin alive
than every president could ever tell me, cuz his campaign needs to thrive
and everywhere I look is just more of the same. Are we telling the truth or are we playin games?
I think it’s time we stop and reestablish ground, before these binding thoughts bring us crashing down

Think for yourself. Give thanks to all of those who
break out, of their cage and seek the truth
unlock your head, throw out the junk that binds you
shake it up, try something new

cuz im sick of standin up here, feeling like a motivational poster
and im sick of you sittin there, refusing to get any closer
and im sick of the people, refusing to change
if its crazy to be accepting, then we ought to be deranged

End ignorance, if you want to save the world
Prove me wrong, prove me wrong
Walk a mile, in everybody’s shoes
Prove me wrong, prove me wrong
Track Name: Outro
I’m strumming these chords. I hope youre not too bored
Because I’m never gonna stop.
I’m gonna sing these songs. until my voice is gone.
No I’m never gonna stop.
From the moment I picked up this guitar
I learned to sing with all my heart
But I’m not the first so don’t call me original
But I’m not the last so call me hopeful.
And we’ll strum these chords. Hope you’re on board
Because we’re never gonna stop
And we’ll scream these songs. until our voices are gone
No we’re never gonna stop
No we’re never gonna stop.

And we will save our friends, we will fight to the end
We will crash the gates, we’ll decide our fate
We will love ourselves, we will destroy hell
we will break the mold. We will not be sold

We will live
and we will die

But if I died here. Right now
I’d be doing what I loved
With the people who I loved
In this life, that I loved.

So for the hundred millionth time, Thank You