Punx Roxxx (aka the name drop song)

from by Davey Dynamite

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*“Well I felt so bad when I heard that song you know its been such a long long time
well it’s a little off beat and it aint in tune, ya know its just like this heart of mine
and if it hurt, when you left” Well you know you fucking broke my heart.
but I aint ever gonna leave.

So I turn to my clash posters. I ask Joe what to do.
Is this really worth it? How do I stay true?
Is this all lost? Was it really ever found?
He says “why are you asking me? Im six feet underground…
Its your fucking turn”

So I take my stiff little fingers, I play these trusty chords
I scream like no tomorrow like these are my dying words
And there will be uptight people about this stupid song
They’ll say I don’t stick to ideals and I still live with my mom

But punk rock means a million different things to a million different people
But ill tell ya what it means to me, it’s my church, my fucking steeple
my fucking life, my fucking death, wave my black flag to a minor threat
Dillinger 4 to fucking Trio, the ones who taught me how to feel
From The Boys to the Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders making noise
God bless the Saints, gotta love the Hives, the ones that make me feel alive
We’re Descendants of Ramones, born through a Red City Radio
We’re Adicts we’re Adolescents, we’re that Blank Generation
But with an X for the Idol, we’ve got the Throwaway Style
We are waiting for the man . We’re The Riffs, We’re The Damned.

But that’s enough about those bands
I just want to impress you, I want to keep this thing alive
I want to keep all the punks in the alleyway singin:
**“This is my world. This is my world, don’t take it away”

*Lines from “Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades” by The Exploding Hearts
** Lines from “My World” by The Crack


from Some Thoughts, released August 29, 2011




Davey Dynamite Chicago, Illinois

Chicago area punk/folk


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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