Hol​(​e​)​y Guitar

by Davey Dynamite

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"Davey Dynamite is as political as he is emotional, and he brings it all to a volatile head on his first fully plugged in album 'Holy Shit'. The songwriting is scalpel sharp, driven by politicized poetry performed with steadfast conviction. This is the folk-gone-electric lineage of O Pioneers! and Against Me!, born anew in the vein of Chicago punk. 'Holy Shit' has sing-a-longs, shout-a-longs, and scream-a-longs, but its always more than just noise. It’s youthful and scrappy and bleeds with every cut." - Dying Scene


released November 1, 2016

Basically, the new album is 2 different albums, both an acoustic and electric version of the same songs. The acoustic record was recorded/engineered by Aaron Follmer with organizing help by Chris Armstrong (both of Dunwich Rats/Crowdad). Mixing and Mastering was done by Paul Aluculesei at IV Lab Studios

Electric/full band album OUT NOW for streaming/download at Dying Scene Records! - dyingscenerecords.bandcamp.com/album/holy-shit

Streaming and Vinyl Orders at Don't Panic Records and Distro! - dontpanicitsadistro.bandcamp.com/album/holy-shit-lp-pre-order

Available on tape as well! From No Time Records: notimeforfun.bandcamp.com/album/holy-shit-ntr-040




Davey Dynamite Chicago, Illinois

Chicago area punk/folk


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Holy Shit
The sun was shining, I was feeling a little sick
I was driving, without the music on
I was smiling, it’s the warmest that it’s been
heavy traffic, I saw gods and I saw shit

Right past midway, I bought a tambourine
drove to Harlem, to wash the car
got my hair cut, it’s the shortest that it’s been
melting snow banks, felt like god and looked like shit

You were walking, you were heading to the pier
got your hair dyed, for a new job
big sunglasses, blasting Martha in your ears
your supervisor, thinks he’s god but he ain’t shit

We are living, making art in waxing days
this whole season, kicked our ass
we are climbing, for a way out of this haze
in our future, do I see god or I see

shit it’s just another reason to get out of the house and scream and
find a new context for dreamin’, kill all of these winter feelings
Gods are waiting for our answers, gods are fighting shit like cancer
gods are being fucking bastards, gods are picking up the hammer

and I, am figuring out, this holy hell, this holy shit
Track Name: Rock and Roll
Hey hey, my my, rock n roll will surely die, and it doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really matter
my my, hey hey, rock n roll will fade away, and it doesn’t really matter, I don’t know if it matters

It will change and it will grow, set in stone that’s meant to roll, and our memories won’t hold much at all
And I’m sure it saved our souls, but even they will one day go, one and all… and I don’t know if it matters

Hey hey, my my, rock n roll was stolen by, white people in leather
my my, hey hey, rock n roll was turned away, until it made some cheddar, started sellin so much better
Yeah the black folks on the streets, targeted by the police, makin harmonies and beats despite it all
they will watch their art get taken, commodified and put in banks and they will wonder, what the fuck still matters

Hey hey, my my, Neil Young will someday die, and I don’t know if it matters, but it’s such a fuckin bummer
my my, hey hey, his name will someday fade away, and no one will remember, no one will remember

He can sue me for this one, but he made some killer songs, making art that stood for peace and not for war
Kept some farmers on their farms, fought the corporations causing so much harm, and I’m thinking that’s what matters

Hey hey, my my, you and I will one day die, and I don’t know if it matters, but I’m thinking that’s what matters,
my my, hey hey, you and I will fade away, so let’s make this fucking matter, yeah let’s make this fucking matter
Track Name: Transitions
I got acne, my hair is thinning, at the same time
and I’m slowly, learning, that I don’t mind
cuz my body don’t know, whether to stay young or grow old
and at least that means we got something in common

I got a job, as a part time janitor
but I’m working on getting something more serious
I wanna use my degree, I wanna start paying my debt
I wanna make my parents proud, I wanna make myself proud

I want to be a radical actor
I want to start taking my life into my own hands
I won’t do that by sleeping in, and eating frozen pizza
I won’t do that by feeling sorry for myself

I need to kick it into gear
I need to start on those projects I’ve been putting off
I need to start speaking up against what I know is wrong
I need to lead by example and write more protest songs

But most of all, what I need, in this time of transitions
is to look in the mirror, and sing to myself
I got acne, and I’m balding, at the same time
I got acne and I’m balding, and I don’t mind
Track Name: 380 Times
Do they work, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
Do they know, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
Do they starve, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?
Then why the hell, do they make, three hundred and eighty times more than you do?

Well I think, this is going too far, I think they are getting away
with our future, our past, everything that we once had
And I work, and I like it, I haven’t had it bad so far
but my degree, seems to be, worth less than the paper it was printed on

And my friends, and my family, stuck working dead end jobs
what did they do, to deserve it, a minimum wage barely helping at all?

Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, is what they always say
they always forget to tell you, just how the boots get made

They are products of thievery, of telling the poor to be grateful
they are fine with you starving, as long as you’re willing and able

to work, three hundred and eighty times more than they do
to know, three hundred and eighty times more than they do
to starve, three hundred and eighty times more than they do
to make, three hundred and eighty times less than they do

So I think its time to redefine, just how this wealth is spread
who deserves to benefit, who deserves to be fed
things seem to be getting worse, but we can still resist
And I’m no master at economics, but let me tell you this:

You’re worth, more than the sweat off your brow
you’re worth, more than the night shifts allow
your worth, is something that they can’t buy
your worth, is only yours to define

Because we are worth more than their dollars
Track Name: Hope is Found
Waking up tired, waking up feeling like, I am completely worthless
stuck in a cycle, between nothing and nothing at all, feeling hopeless
the house is so quiet, the dog is so bored, I am not helping at all today
sleeping so much, waking up tired, I think we’ve been through this before

So I head to your house, kiss your lips, and feel whole again
I am in here, I am love, I am whole again

Because hope is found, in the strangest of places, in the curve of your hand, as it holds on to mine for dear life
Hope is found, in the strangest of places, in the curve of your smile, as we hold on for dear life
Track Name: Man Enough*
Well I got called a fag, walking down the street
the cars they’d pass by screamin’ at me
‘cuz I dressed punk rock, ‘cuz I wore tight pants
yeah I was thirteen, I was fucking thirteen

I wanted to react, wanted to break shit
wanted to kick all, their fucking teeth in
I had to prove myself to some fuckheads
but now I realize that’s what they wanted

If you’re not man enough, fucking break shit
if you’re not man enough, kick some teeth in
if you’re not man enough, throw some punches
if you’re not man enough, you’ve gotta prove it

And I’m not innocent, I’ve fucking said shit
that makes me sick to my fucking stomach
because the culture that I grew up in
taught me to fear not looking masculine

I’ve let my friends get away with jokes that would make other friends hate me
I’ve let coworkers be misogynistic, anti-gay and it still bothers me
I’ve had the privilege of being in the background staying quiet, staying patient
Their words burn in my brain but I still let it fucking happen

No I’m not innocent, and I’m not an ally
until I’m being a fucking ally
I have internalized so much venom
and it has kept me from being queer

I’ve been a coward, but I can sing

That every time a kid hears a synonym of gay, the barrel of a gun gets closer to a brain
yeah every time a kid hears a synonym of gay, the quickness of a bullet meets the beauty of a brain
Track Name: Flower
Well you were singin along, yeah you know the song, about kewpie dolls and urine stalls
and the way your eyes did shine, it made me melt
And growin up, you had your doubts, a destiny you had to get out of
and I will never know just how it felt

But now you’re finding your own way and you are fighting every day
you inspire me to keep workin for change
And you were cryin when you told me, but it wasn’t a surprise
you weren’t like the other girls, you weren’t like the other guys

You were joinin folks across America
They’re letting go of gender roles
You give me hope and that’s all I need
You are the flower growin in the concrete

And you were talkin about what you had to do, fighting off the pink or blue
the way so many kids are forced to hide
The growing pains, the wax and wane, finding peace in another name
breaking off those chains of pickin sides

And you are breaking all the rules, and you aint usin the masters tools
yeah you are scarin all those fuckheads out their shoes
your identity is building a better world
you’re not like the other guys, you’re not like the other girls

You’re joinin folks across America
They’re not controlled by gender roles
You give me hope and that’s all I need
You are the flower, growin in the concrete

There is a liberated frequency you’re sending out to me
I start to look inside, oh yeah, and this is what I see
a little kid who’s not afraid to like the things they like
a hammer to the walls they built around our hearts and minds

You’re joinin folks across the whole damn world
They’re not controlled by gender roles
You give me hope and that’s all I need
You are the flower growin in the concrete

So what I’m sayin, yeah what I mean
is you’re not totally a girl, you’re not totally a guy, and that’s totally fine with me
Track Name: Mowing at Grandma's
Every summer, year to year, grab the car and find my way back here
open the shed door, smell the air, pull the rip cord, kick it into gear
I’ve been cutting this grass since I was ten or so
just like my mom and her dad and my dad and uncles
I got my music and my water and my thoughts
and I’ll be doin this until the ground starts to frost

I'll be mowin at Grandma’s

A lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same
I know every corner, every ditch, and every lane
the swing set and the old tree is gone
there’s a garden that the local wildlife preys on
from the outside, to the in
never change the pattern, though some spots are getting thin
the roots in the ground make it easy to trip
but I always get a hug and a nice little tip

I’m mowin at Grandma’s

I remember, I was a kid
when I ran over, the baby rabbits
all I could do was yell for my dad
and he took over while I cried on the stairs

I started praying to god that very night
afraid and in love of every precious life
and I didn’t stop for ten years or so
and I ain’t never told nobody that before

And I know I won’t be doin this forever
but damn it might as well be forever
Right here growin with the weather
all these memories, nothings better than
mowin at Grandma’s
Track Name: The 4th of July
Sleep ain’t easy once again, he lights a cigarette
the flashing lights, the booms and sirens
make it so hard to forget
the blood of battle, the artillery
yeah this is life, with PTSD

and as he thinks about the friends who had to die
all we can say, is happy 4th of July

Yeah she’s stuck working at walmart
one big sale, all today
red, white and blue fills their shopping carts
what she would give for one vacation day
she’s paid so little she’s on welfare
because minimum is not a living wage

so as she cleans up all that shit in aisle 5
all she can think, is happy 4th of July

and they’re sitting in their jail cells
just more victims, of a war on crime
we lock up more than any other
they pay in blood, sweat, tears, and time
there is no hope in this system
they know it has never fought for them

so as their court dates get pushed back another time
they wonder if they’ll survive,
another 4th of July

and I sit at my computer just about every day
and now we know they are collecting everything we do and say
our freedoms are being stripped away
the very freedoms we’re supposed to celebrate today

so as I pick up this guitar of mine
all I can sing, is fuck the 4th of July
Track Name: Fuckheads
I’m losing my patience, I’m losing my grace
I’m getting a headache, and starting to pace
back and forth, finger on temple
I swear to god, I swear to fucking god

This ain’t the way it needs to be, but it’s happening
ignorance is driving me up the fucking wall
another piece of shit, another argument
another god damn free for all

But we hold on strong, and move forwards
this fucking world ain’t gonna change itself
yeah we’re dying, but we’re fighting
for even the fuckheads, yeah even the fuckheads

Because every oppressor is a victim
and every bully's just a kid
and every murderer and jailer
was once a baby in a crib

Change takes time and there’s a lot on the line
there’s a lot to do, so let’s keep up the pace
and every time we win them over
we start to change this fucked up place

So let’s hold on strong, and move forwards
this fucking town ain’t gonna change itself
yeah we’re dying, but we’re fighting
for even the fuckheads, yeah even the fuckheads

We gotta be teachers, we gotta be friends
we gotta be family, and make amends
because no one else is gonna do this for us
yeah no one else is gonna do it for us
Track Name: Gods
We are the gods of the new world.
They will have to use whatever we leave
Whether it be oceans or it be nothing
Whether it be mars or an empty shell

We are the gods of the new world
They will have to live in what we create
Whether it be peace or it be destruction
Whether it be love or it be hell,
or a little of both

We are the gods, of the new world
There is danger, there is potential
Whether it be a fight, whether it be peaceful
Whether it is remembered or just felt

I’ve been working in the city, still living with my parents
I’ve been eating a little healthy, but feeling pretty shitty
I’ve been teaching English classes, to adults who teach me Spanish
I’ve been growing, holding steady, but my heads been feelin’ heavy

I got love, friends, a family who cares, a ridiculous dog and time to spare
I got hope, about, an hour a day, I got a lot on my mind and a little to say

I’ve been feeling a little fucked up, I’ve been feeling a little scared
I’ve been thinking a little too much, I’ve been losing a little hair

I got faith, I think, in the people I know, I gotta focus more on taking it slow
I gotta fight, and breathe, and rock n roll, I gotta make this count I gotta let you know we’re

Gods! of the new world
and we are as infinite, as anything else
Whether we be drops of blood, or we be dust
They will bless us, or they will curse us,
probably both

Everything’s been feeling pointless, and I’m getting dragged right in
I can’t look at a single image without being a goddamn cynic
The world spins and I’m feelin’ sick, I think I’ve hit my limit
I find strength where I can, but I’m not sure we can win it

But I, am just, another fucking white boy, playing activist while I sit at a computer
and I, I need, this constant reminder, that no one’s going down without a fight here

Every day there’s people struggling, people fighting, people winning
so that I, can keep on living, keep on breathing, keep on sinning
and the advantages and the privileges afforded to me
are low hanging fruit, because I’m standing on bodies
Because I’m standing on

Gods! of the new world
I am not religious, but I’ll make exceptions
I see in your eyes, a million stars
the future of everything, the first ever rain

We are the gods, of the new world
There will be a legacy, wanted or not
There is a shining light, I hope you can see it
Whether it be the end of the tunnel, or just the beginning

And one day they will find, whatever is left of this earth
In the ash and in the mire they will find our bones
they will find our histories, they will find our skyscrapers
they will find our songs, they will find our home

And I hope, and I pray, to the gods that are you and me
that we can rest easy. And we can say
We can say it was worth it!

Gods of the new world
I depend on you
Gods of the new world
I count on you
Gods of the new world
I pray to you


Don’t let this die
Don’t let it be killed
Do not back down
Do not sit still
I need to believe
I need to know
That there is a point
To what we call a soul

holy shit